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Quality makes the difference

As Zeppelin forged ahead with its plant engineering many years ago it was obvious to all parties involved that the venture would only be successful with an uncompromising quality strategy. We therefore decided to produce the key components for our systems ourselves.

Reliability is essential

Now we sell these products to other companies and have become a leading component supplier in the bulk material sector. The innovative solutions, attuned with one another, offer our customers many advantages.

This means that you not only get tried and tested products – but also perfectly harmonized components within the system and the guarantee of being well advised in the product selection and design thanks to the know-how of a leading global plant engineering company – and of course, the speed and flexibility of a powerful industrial group.

Welcome to the future!

Zeppelin is also a leader in terms of digitalization. Our key components are getting smart and lead the way into the digital future. With Zeppelin’s new Smart Components App, our customers will get significant added value from the very beginning: precise information on specifications, spare parts lists, instructions for commissioning, operation, maintenance and service intervals will be part of the standard features. To learn more on how you can also benefit from intelligent components in the future: ► Smart Components App



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Air quantity unit

  • Zeppelin  Systems Products Components Air Quantity Control Unit

Adjustable air flow control for pneumatic conveying


This automatic control unit enables in particular the safe operation of slow motion conveying by providing pre-calculated air quantities at any time and under any operating conditions. The small window for careful and reliable transport of solids is secured by a combination of off-the-shelf regulators and air quantity measuring instruments with a micro processor unit.

  • Easy set point setting for required air flow
  • Programmable conveying modes for different conveying lines
  • Programmable conveying parameters for different product characteristics
  • Compensation of air leakage of rotary feeder depending on conveying pressure
  • Individual adjustments depending on conveying pressure, conveying line, rotary feeder size
  • Integrated process for gentle purging with higher air velocities
  • Fluctuations of mass flow up to 1:10 automatically regulated (depending on conveying length)
  • Even suited for low mass flow in large pipes
  • Efficiency of 95 % in comparison to 85 % with sonic chokes
  • Noise-optimised
  • Automatic pressure control for safe relief of high pressure and pressure peaks
  • Interface to main controls with Profibus DP, digital in-/output or as stand alone unit

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