• FM_Starch

    2021-01-20Starch a true all-rounder from grain to high-end products

    Video Starch is like gold

    The market for starch and starch derivatives has grown strongly over the past 25 years, almost unnoticed. The background to this is that the range of applications for modified starches and proteins in particular has been considerably expanded. Plants from Zeppelin Systems offer new ways to increase the efficiency of their production.

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  • Zeppelin Silo

    2020-06-03Getting to the silo faster thanks to tried and tested technology and new processes

    Video modular storage silos

    Ten years after launching the modular Bolt-Tec and Panel-Tec design silos, Zeppelin significantly steps up production capacities at its Friedrichshafen location. A new automated production line now enables the company to produce the individual segments of these storage and mixer silos more quickly and cost-efficiently.

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  • PM_DVV

    2018-11-09Zeppelin Group optimized diverter valves and rotary valves for a higher performance in everyday production

    Rotary valves and diverter valves set the pace in the production process. In order to be prepared for future requirements, such as digitisation, Zeppelin Systems revised their extensive range of low and medium pressure diverter valves and rotary valves for this year’s IBA. The components are now more efficient, lighter and digitally networked.

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