Plastics processors

  • Zeppelin Kunststoffverarbeitung

An art in itself

Charging a wide range of materials and raw materials very carefully and accurately dosed in a specific sequence into the respective process at a precise time: this is the greatest challenge in the design of engineering solutions in plastics processing.

Zeppelin is at the technological forefront in this demanding industry with PVC processing and compounding systems and systems for the production of cross-linkable cables (VPE) within the cable industry. The complex tasks require extensive know-how to develop optimum solutions.

Our range is impressive:
  • Automotive industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Cabel production
  • Aviation industry
  • Packaging industry


USA Tittensor

Christian Tittensor

Director of Sales and Marketing – Rubber & Performance Materials Plants

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Plastics compounding

  • Zeppelin Kunststoffverarbeitung Kunstoff Compounding

We love challenges

Complex tasks require extensive know-how to develop optimum solutions. We are in our element here, such as with the compounding of plastics. Many different and difficult to process raw materials place the highest demands on extruders and dosing systems in particular.

Absolute precision, high availability, and 24/7 reliability are crucial to the operating success of the entire system. We integrate the appropriate dosing device into the system together with the relevant conveying process for the various raw materials and additives, such as stabilizers, lubricants, plasticizers, pigments, fillers, flame retardants, cross-linking agents, propellants or glass or carbon fibers, for example, to improve the rigidity or mica to improve the appearance.

We also provide innovative solutions and components for gentle conveying after the compounding as well as for the obligatory cleaning and inspection of finished goods. But that is not all: whether it's semi- or fully-automated packaging systems or complete finished goods logistics through to silo loading facilities – Zeppelin supplies turn-key plants from a single source.

Our solutions

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