Plastics processors

  • Zeppelin Kunststoffverarbeitung

An art in itself

Charging a wide range of materials and raw materials very carefully and accurately dosed in a specific sequence into the respective process at a precise time: this is the greatest challenge in the design of engineering solutions in plastics processing.

Zeppelin is at the technological forefront in this demanding industry with PVC processing and compounding systems and systems for the production of cross-linkable cables (VPE) within the cable industry. The complex tasks require extensive know-how to develop optimum solutions.

Our range is impressive:
  • Automotive industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Cabel production
  • Aviation industry
  • Packaging industry


USA Tittensor

Christian Tittensor

Director of Sales and Marketing – Rubber & Performance Materials Plants

Tel. + 1 610 2825848

Container discharging

  • Zeppelin Container-Kippstation

Tilting unit for the gravimetric discharging and charging of ISO containers

The container tilting station CTU is a tilting unit suitable for discharging and charging ISO containers with bulk materials. The station can accommodate either 20', 30' or 40' containers. The complete process, starting with the removal of the container from the truck to the tilting process with a tilting angle of up to 45° and finally returning the container to the vehicle, is fully automated.

Our solutions

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  • Zeppelin Plants for the plastics processing

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  • Zeppelin Silo technology

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  • Zeppelin Bulk material handling components

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  • Zeppelin Mixing Technology

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  • Zeppelin Automation and control technology

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