Plastics processors

  • Zeppelin Kunststoffverarbeitung

An art in itself

Charging a wide range of materials and raw materials very carefully and accurately dosed in a specific sequence into the respective process at a precise time: this is the greatest challenge in the design of engineering solutions in plastics processing.

Zeppelin is at the technological forefront in this demanding industry with PVC processing and compounding systems and systems for the production of cross-linkable cables (VPE) within the cable industry. The complex tasks require extensive know-how to develop optimum solutions.

Our range is impressive:
  • Automotive industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Cabel production
  • Aviation industry
  • Packaging industry


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Cable sheathing with VPE granulate

  • Zeppelin Kunststoffverarbeitung Kabelummantelung mit VPE-Granulat

Building up tension in a relaxed manner

The handling of material for the production of cable sheathings using VPE granulate is one of the most demanding tasks in bulk materials technology. The product purity requirements here are particularly high. Experience, know-how and complete systems, precisely harmonized with one another, determine the quality of the finished product.

Even the slightest contamination can cause major damage when insulating medium- and high-voltage cables. The handling of raw materials under clean room conditions is therefore essential for a reliable process.

Peroxide clusters and contamination are not tolerable. That is why we only rely on our own ability with this challenge: All components in this case originate exclusively from Zeppelin. Designs without any dead space were developed for this special application. Smooth pipe connections, special fittings and gentle low-velocity conveying – here every detail is decisive.

Our solutions

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