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Food is our passion

No need to make any compromises especially in demanding tasks within the bakery, confectionery and baby food industries, but instead allow the leading experts to design and construct your system. Zeppelin is the market leader within the industry.

No other company can boast such extensive experience in the construction of modern systems within the food technology sector. Customers from the food industry especially appreciate our comprehensive know-how in all areas of handling raw materials: the receipt, storage, discharging, conveying, processing, metering, mixing and controlling of raw materials. We develop outstanding solutions in all areas.

Our range is impressive:
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Testimonials From Real Customers

  • Project: Raw Ingredient Process Handling System for Bread and Bun Plant in La Crosse, WI, USA.

    “Zeppelin has been an ideal partner, they’ve been responsive to our needs throughout our project from concept to implementation. Their services are critical to our company’s operations and to our success”.
    Brad Clarkin, Director of Production Operations, Kwik Trip, Inc.

  • Project: Material Handling System (Four Silos and Five Material Handling Lines) for new plant in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.

    “Entire group is very knowledgeable with a great sense of urgency and detail. Great experience working with Zeppelin.”
    Derek Mantha, GMM, General Manager Bakery Commissary, Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd.


Stephen Marquardt

Vice President Sales & Marketing Food Processing Plants

Tel. +1 813 280 7831

Lisa Arato

Regional Sales Engineer Midwest and Canada

Tel. +1 813 280 7867

Eric Kartlick

Regional Sales Manager South East and North East USA

Tel. +1 813 280 7830

David Rodrigues

David Rodrigues

Sales Engineer for USA West Coast and Latin America

Tel. +1 813 280 7832


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Industry 4.0

While in other branches transparent production processes in the sense of Industrie 4.0 have already reached a specific form, the baked goods production still lags behind. In this respect Zeppelin performs pioneering work. For example for the standardization of interfaces for the transfer of measuring data to a superior control system. We are in close cooperation with the Science Center Weihenstephan at the Technical University of Munich. For customers with various locations we are an innovative pioneer with respect to the integration of quality data on raw materials and final products into the process control for a benchmarking throughout the group.

Systems for quality control and assurance


At Zeppelin the quality begins already with the recording of quality relevant raw material data. With the “near field infrared technology” (NIR) raw materials such as flour can be analyzed for quality relevant parameters such as e.g. humidity and protein content, color and temperature. The analyzed measuring data do not only provide a conclusion if the ordered flour quality corresponds to that supplied, but they serve for a process optimization. For example the humidity content of the flour received plays an important role for the required water quantity in the recipe. Furthermore, the required dough temperature and the process time can be adjusted accordingly and the quantity of the baking agent can be adapted to the identified flour quality.

Optical inspection system

An optical inspection system allows to analyze the quality of the cookies produced. Quality parameters are e.g. size, volume and degree of browning. Also damages of the cookies are detected reliably. The data analyzed are electronically recorded and transferred to the process management system PrismaWEB² for analytic purposes.

Auditing support

The measuring data recorded do not only serve for quality control and assurance or process optimization but they can also facilitate – when properly prepared – the auditing at discounters or food retail companies. Also in this context the process management system PrismaWEB² is a valuable tool.

Tracing of batches

The traceability of batches is an absolute pre-requisite for the production of food with respect to the observation of hygiene and quality measures. With the process management system PrismaWEB² developed by Zeppelin you are on the safe side. Each modification of the recipe is recorded. All raw materials received and batches supplied can be traced. All production data, batch protocols etc. are filed and can be called up at any time. For an absolute safe traceability of raw materials and batches the PrismaWEB² also supports the use of barcode and RFID technology (RFID = Radio Frequency IDentification), i.e. systems for exact identification of raw materials and means of production.

Process management system PrismaWEB²

In all areas of the industry a consistent transparency of the production processes is a pre-requisite in order to be competitive on the market. With the web-based process management system PrismaWEB² there are no limits for modern production control systems. Because PrismaWEB² provides even more than ordinary standard systems and has in many areas the functionalities of a MES system (fabrication management system).

PrismaWEB² provides amongst others the component, recipe and warehouse management, production scheduling and traceability of batches.

The system is based on the latest net. Technology of Microsoft. The use of open standards such as HTML, XML, OPC and SQL enables the easy integration in existing IT infrastructures. A multi-phase production is no problem for PrismaWEB², pre-mixtures can be executed as a separate recipe or as a part of the main recipe and produced at an earlier point of time, whereas the total quantity respectively required can be determined by the system through the production scheduling.

All data recorded can be evaluated directly through a data base or provided for company control systems. Individual interfaces to the ERP system (e.g. SAP) are also possible.

Our solutions for solids and liquids

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