Food industry

  • Zeppelin Systems Fresh baked goods
  • Systems and solutions for extended shelf life goods
  • Systems and solutions for confectionery
  • Systems and solutions for baby food
  • Systems and solutions for cereals
  • Systems and solutions for spices finished mixes
  • Systems and solutions for beverages

Food is our passion

No need to make any compromises especially in demanding tasks within the bakery, confectionery and baby food industries, but instead allow the leading experts to design and construct your system. Zeppelin is the market leader within the industry.

No other company can boast such extensive experience in the construction of modern systems within the food technology sector. Customers from the food industry especially appreciate our comprehensive know-how in all areas of handling raw materials: the receipt, storage, discharging, conveying, processing, metering, mixing and controlling of raw materials. We develop outstanding solutions in all areas.

Our range is impressive:
  • Fresh baked goods
  • Cereals
  • Extended shelf-life baked goods
  • Finished mixes/baking additives
  • Pasta products
  • Spices
  • Confectionery
  • Instant beverages
  • Dairy products
  • Baby food


Stephen Marquardt

Director Food Processing Plants

Tel. +1 813 280 7831

Lisa Arato

Regional Sales Engineer Midwest and Canada

Tel. +1 813 2807867

Erik Kartlick

Regional Sales Manager South East and North East USA

Tel. +1 813 2807830

Joel Swieringa

Regional Sales Manager Western USA

Tel. +1 813 280 7952


  • DymoMix
  • DymoMix

The fastest way of dough production

Extremely fast. Free of dust. Homogenous consistency. Low energy input. You can profit from all these advantages in the dough production with the new DymoMix. It moistens evenly free falling dry materials with water or e.g. a yeast solution. The biochemical reaction that starts immediately generates a homogenous dough within seconds. The dough can be used immediately or transferred to the batch mixing process resp. the continuous kneader. You save a mixing resp. kneader process and you can handle considerably more dough than before.


  • DymoMix Applications

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