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Zeppelin and Kemper enjoy shared success


Zeppelin Group receives the IBA Trophy for innovative technology

A huge step forward in dough production – Zeppelin and Kemper enjoy shared success

Rödermark, October 31, 2018.A unique combination of two innovative technologies was awarded the coveted IBA Trophy at IBA 2018: The honor went to KroMix, the name given to the pairing of the high-speed DymoMix mixer and the Kronos digital system, which was recognized as an outstanding technical development by a panel of top industry experts.

Consistently high-quality dough guaranteed, with mixing times reduced by up to 50%: The new KroMix system makes it possible. Intensive research by continuous kneading system experts (Zeppelin Systems GmbH) and the leading provider of batch kneading systems (WP Kemper) resulted in a solution that opens up new horizons in dough production.

High-speed meets batch mixer

With DymoMix you can mix dry and liquid ingredients before they are dosed into the bowl of the Kronos digital. For the mixing process, the flour and water are both atomized so that individual flour particles fall through a mist, absorbing water molecules as they do so. The centrifugal effect of the atomization introduces energy, with the result that a gluten network starts to develop right from when the water molecules are absorbed. The mixed dough can be transferring to the kneading system and kneaded straight afterwards, with no need to mix the ingredients any further and no more flour dust produced during kneading.

Perfect dough at the push of a button

The Kronos digital system has been fitted with sensors and an intelligent, self-regulating controller to automatically stop the kneading process at just the right moment. The kneading phase automatically adapts to fluctuating raw material and ambient parameters, and ends at the ideal point, with consistently good-quality doughs produced every time, thanks to defined parameters. The forecasting of factors such as viscoelastic dough properties makes it possible for processing to be adapted to specific dough characteristics. All measured data are recorded for quality control, and conclusions regarding production conditions and raw materials can also be drawn from these data. Documented measured data include energy consumption, ambient temperature, dough temperature, as well as the firmness and viscosity of the dough.

An unbeatable team.

The combination of DymoMix with the Kronos digital kneading system enables dough to be produced more quickly than in kneading systems without DymoMix, or alternatively to achieve the same results with more and smaller batches, for fresher dough. At the same time, more water can be absorbed by the doughs, as the Kronos digital system always stops the kneading process at the right time, and the dough is always produced to the same quality standards. Combining the two systems creates the first intelligent fully automated dough-production solution.