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One click into the future!

Follow Zeppelin into digitalization! We make components smart.

Zeppelin Systems is leading the way in plant component digitalization with its Smart Components App. The customer gets real added value from this concept: the new Smart Components App greatly facilitates the users’ daily work – and is the first step into the smart factory of the future.

Improved efficiency through smarter components

Are you looking for ways to improve your plant’s efficiency significantly and reduce downtimes for service work, maintenance and repair?

The solution is Zeppelin’s new Smart Components App. Not only is it easy to use, it is most of all extremely useful in daily applications.

The new app actively supports maintenance and service technicians by automatically identifying components and providing specific information to mobile devices. It provides precise information on specifications, spare parts lists, instructions for commissioning, operation, maintenance and service intervals. Furthermore, customers can chat in real time with an expert through this app. The chat service also enables the transfer of pictures and videos so that Zeppelin experts can immediately provide the best assistance all around the world.

Easy to use and very useful

Using the app is a child's play: once the app is running, all Zeppelin components in proximity will appear on the display. Even in a large plant, the user can quickly identify components, which is very helpful in cases where location information has not been properly documented. The user is then guided intuitively through the menu. The biggest advantage over identification plates is that the information can not only be read, but it can also be edited and more can be added. Digital checklists and maintenance protocols can be created using this app and maintenance dates can be scheduled. This enables transparent paperless documentation for the components' entire life-cycle.

Retrofitting made possible

The Smart Components App is not only usable for new products. As of the second quarter of 2017, all Zeppelin components will be equipped with this feature. Older components such as rotary feeders in difficult environments can also be retrofitted easily.


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