• Bolletje

    2012-09-30Logical logistics

    The Bolletje BV Company from Almelo, the Netherlands, produces “Bolletje” Dutch rusks under exactly that brand name – and has used a sophisticated raw materials logistics system from the Zeppelin Reimelt GmbH company, Rödermark/Germany, for the rusks since the expansion phase in Almelo.

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  • Zeppelin Reimelt Food Technology Center

    2012-06-22Food Technology Center

    Zeppelin Reimelt opens a new customer centre in Rödermark for development, customer trials and training.

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  • Zeppelin ReciPure System

    2011-03-30Efficient automation

    A raw materials management system made by the Zeppelin Reimelt GmbH company, Rödermark/Germany, previously used only in the plastics and pharmaceuticals industry, is now in service, for the first time in a bakery in the netherlands. It´s aim: flexibility and efficiency.

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