• Zeppelin Branchen Nahrungsmittelindustrie CODOS

    2016-01-08Transparent process

    Source: Inger Verlagsges. | Backtechnik

    Zeppelin´s current Technology already meets future requirements for the production of bakery products.

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  • Zeppelin Horizonal Mischer

    2015-11-20Equipment makers mix it up

    Source: Compounding World

    Batch Mixers are getting smaler, more energy efficient and more productive…

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  • Zeppelin After Sales Service

    2015-03-16Technical service keeps plants up-to-date

    Modernizing and expanding existing plants increases the efficiency and saves cost. Plants in the food industry can produce high quality products for decades as long as they are regularly updated. Doing so doesn’t always require extensive modernization work; however, it does require a constant dialogue with the plant manufacturer.

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