• Zeppelin Kunststoffverarbeitung PVC-Aufbereitung

    2016-11-18Automating the mixing process

    Compounding World

    Anyone wanting to catch up on the latest developments in batch mixers for plastics should have been in Halls 9 and 10 at K 2016 in October, where the mixing world gathered to show off its latest developments.

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  • 3D Scan

    2016-11-02Plant planning process

    UKIP Media | Tire Technology International

    Involving specialist planners early in the process of plant modernization can save time and money, and improve plant efficiency. The time Frame for expanding or rebuilding an existing plant, or building a completely new one, is getting shorter. However, by using tools such as 3D planning, it is possible to design the planning process in a way that not only saves time but also reduces costs while increasing planning security.

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  • Kunstwerk

    2016-10-12Innovative plant design for efficient dosing and feeding processes

    konradin-Verlag | cpp - chemical plants & processes

    Zeppelin Systems is used to adapting itself to the changing conditions in the international markets of the plastics industry. Those changes, however, now occur much more frequently than ever before. In order to maintain control over costs and time, plant engineering companies have to adjust too. In the future, the focus will be on developing innovative – for example, increasingly digital – processes, not only for planning but also for components which communicate in a digital network.

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