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Zeppelin Group optimizes diverters and feeders


The Zeppelin Group optimizes feeders and diverters for greater performance in everyday production.

Setting the pace with a digital connection

Rödermark, September 12, 2018. Feeders and diverters determine production process cycle times. In order to be well prepared for future requirements such as digitization, Zeppelin Plant Engineering has reworked its extensive diverter and feeder range in the low- and medium-pressure segment in time for this year’s IBA,with the new components now more efficient, lighter and digitally networked.

The reduced weight has a positive effect on operating costs, but also on the system’s size, as can be seen with the DVV diverter valve, for example. This functions as an all-round tool for distributing and collecting bulk material in pressure and vacuum pneumatic conveying systems, standing out not only due to its robust housing, but also its range of applications.The diverter, which is available in five sizes (50/65/80/100/125), can be used at pressure levels up to 3.5 bar and within a temperature range from -20 to 120°C. It is a direct like-for-like replacement of the previous Zeppelin ZWV.

The DFM 240 feeder can be used across a broad range of conveying pressures up to 1.5 bar, allowing both granulates and powders to be safely fed into pneumatic conveying systems. The internal and external geometries of this feeder type have been further optimized again. It is available in eight sizes (160 mm to 630 mm). A direct drive has been provided in the standard version, though a chain drive is also available as an option. The feeder can also be used as flameproof protection,

and is a direct like-for-like replacement of the previous Zeppelin A1 and AG11. EHEDG certification is in the pipeline for both components, meaning that they can be used in applications that are subject to very strict hygiene requirements. The new components also have ATEX approval for zone 20 (inside) as well as NEC approval, and are compliant with EU Food Contact Materials 1935/2004.

They are also digitally equipped with MIRA Connect as standard. MIRA Connect enables components to be automatically identified and then for specific information to be accessed on mobile end devices. It delivers precise information about specifications, spare parts lists, commissioning instructions, operation, maintenance and service intervals. If necessary, the whole service can be planned on-site and arranged by the Zeppelin MIRA Connect customer, with a further option to contact the component manufacturer directly if required. MIRA Connect allows the customer to take a close look at all system parts within a plant, thereby creating transparency and providing a useful overview for the service technician, machine operator, and the production/service manager.

It can be retrofitted to any of the customer’s system parts, regardless of manufacturer. A horizontal service platform – simple, user-friendly, and open.

Feeders and diverters already in use can easily be replaced with the new components generation, so that existing systems can also enjoy the benefits directly.