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We have set ourselves the goal of re-imagining how end-of-life tires are recycled. Around 3.5 million metric tons of end-of-life tires currently accumulates in Europe each year. In Germany alone, approximately 550,000 metric tons of scrap tires was generated in 2021. If every old tire in Europe were recycled, around 2.45 million metric tons of CO2 emissions could be saved.

As experts in this field, we can support you with innovative solutions for the mixing room and revolutionary recycling solutions so that, together, we can make tire recycling sustainable. This allows us to do more than just give old tires a second life – we consider recyclates as an essential part of a sustainable circular economy. Zeppelin Systems is your partner for the cost-efficient, sustainable, and high-quality production of tires and recyclates. We Create Solutions!

Zeppelin Systems: Your partner for the sustainable tire production of today and tomorrow

Modern tire production must achieve new goals in terms of accuracy, reliability, and quality through precise material handling. To support the circular economy in the tire production sector in a positive and sustainable manner, the quantity of high-quality tire recyclates and sustainable materials available for the production of new tires needs to be dramatically increased. Only by extracting high-quality secondary raw materials and conserving resources we can work together with you to bring the circular economy to life throughout the value chain in tire production.

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From old tires to raw materials

The market status quo is that traditional processes produce an output of only limited quality, and the recycled components are mostly not reusable for new tire production. Typically, the tire is broken down into its individual fractions – steel, textile, and rubber. Rubber is used in applications such as the simplest floor coverings or sports fields. However, higher-value use of recycled raw materials or reuse in tires (tire-to-tire) has only been possible in isolated cases. And this is exactly where Zeppelin Systems comes in.

Together with our international partners in the Zeppelin Sustainable Tire Alliance, we are making the tire recycling process even more efficient and sustainable for you so that, together, we can give tires a new life throughout the value chain. The aim is to obtain secondary raw materials or recyclates of such high quality and purity that they can be used in the production of new tires.

Recycling process

Old tires go through numerous recycling processes before they become new tires. A distinction is made between material recycling (sorting, separating and granulating), raw material recycling (e.g. pyrolysis process) and the cleaning of recyclates. We provide the right plant engineering solution for every process step – irrespective at which process step or of where you are in the value chain. We Create Solutions!

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All process steps from a single source

We guarantee tailor-made recycling solutions from a single source. With the Zeppelin Sustainable Tire Alliance, we have a strong network at our disposal so that we can be your partner as an integrated solution provider for your sustainable tire production of today and tomorrow. And at the same time, we ensure careful use of renewable and precious resources. We Create Solutions!

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Our performance plus

Industrial scale testing


Testing is good - testing at a ratio of 1:1 and under real conditions is better. Whether PE, PP and PS, PET or PVC, your raw materials are in the best hands with us. With our test centers at the Friedrichshafen and Kassel sites, we ensure that your plant is optimally designed for the properties of your raw material - for optimum output in every respect.          

Service: no compromises



Your plant should do one thing above all: run and deliver. To achieve this, we provide you with reliable, professional service. Rely on our worldwide service network with the best advice and extremely fast spare parts supply for minimized downtimes. If required, we are of course also at your side digitally: from virtual troubleshooting to online-supported commissioning.

Automation with vision



In the 21st century, optimization often also means automation. We ensure that your automation project is a complete success in terms of both efficiency and costs. Among other things, we rely on state-of-the-art control systems whose open architecture means that you are well equipped to meet the challenges of the day after tomorrow. Get in touch with our global competence team.  

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A holistic approach to tire recycling