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Zeppelin Group honored by FoodTec Award 2018


Zeppelin Plant Engineering has been awarded a silver medal for its innovative development of a mixer for hydrating dough

The key requirements for industrial dough production are that it is extremely fast, dust-free and with uniform mixing ensured. The high-speed DymoMix mixer from the dough experts at Zeppelin Plant Engineering in Rödermark meets all these requirements, and offers low energy consumption too. The DymoMix received the silver International FoodTec Award at Anuga FoodTec 2018, the leading international trade fair for food and beverage technology.

On March 20 the award, run by Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (DLG), resulted in accolades being given to a total of 17 winners from around 100 registered companies in Cologne, at Anuga FoodTec 2018. This event is the leading industry trade fair for technical innovations and refinements, particularly those that make food technology future-fit, sustainable, and more efficient. The international expert panel awarded one of twelve silver medals to the Zeppelin Group for product optimizations that allow material improvements to functions or processes.

Michael Piepenbrock, head of the Food Processing Plants business unit at Zeppelin Plant Engineering based in Rödermark, was delighted by the expert panel’s assessment. “Our product development is based on the twin principles of consistently meeting the needs of our customers, and thinking ahead to the challenges faced by food production; we test these product developments under actual conditions in our fully equipped technology center, and fine tune them to perfection there. The new DymoMix is the result of continuous efforts within the technology center to enhance the efficiency and user-friendliness of individual components in the system.” The FoodTec Award proves the value of this market-oriented strategy and recognizes the Zeppelin Group’s role as a pioneer in the mixing technology sector.

Creates a homogeneous mass, dust-free and even more quickly

DymoMix utilizes an innovative wetting principle as a pre-mixer for both batch-produced and continuously produced doughs that are destined for dinner tables, or eaten to go in the form of patisserie, fresh and long-life bakery products. The high-speed mixer supersedes its predecessor with a whole range of improved performance parameters: A smaller space requirement and enormous time savings in subsequent kneading processes – of more than 50% – signal a significant increase in cost-efficiency. Further user benefits include the further reduction in flour dust in the work environment, simple handling, and quick and easy cleaning. The difference is in the newly developed nozzle in the rotating shaft of the DymoMix, which creates a fine, consistent liquid screen;the powder ingredients are then passed through this screen, and wetted with water and/or oil in the process, immediately forming a homogeneous mixture. Both very firm and almost liquid doughs can be efficiently processed using the DymoMix. Areas of use for this award-winning pre-mixer include noodle, bread and roll doughs, as well as doughs for patisserie. <

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