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Mobile trailer helps put out serious fires

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Zeppelin Plant Engineering and the Genius Group ran a joint project to develop a fire extinguisher trailer for lithium batteries and flammable liquids

Hot lithium-ion, magnesium and liquid fires present a daunting challenge for fire safety, asconventional fire extinguisher agents – such as water and foam – are not always able to quickly extinguish 2,000°C flames without impacting the environment. To enable firefighters to react quickly and appropriately to hazardous situations, the Genius Group, in collaboration with Zeppelin Plant Engineering, is currently developing a mobile fire extinguisher unit for use by fire departments.

The extinguisher trailer comprises a vacuum that sucks up hollow glass granules called PyroBubbles, with the help of a nozzle and hose.The PyroBubbles are conveyed to the source of the fire by means of air pressure, and they act to extinguish the fire or cool the burning material.According to Genius, the trailer has road traffic certification and so is suitable for use nationwide.

Construction of the extinguisher trailer is the first of several joint projects between the two companies. “For our next joint project we plan to develop a stationary extinguisher for firefighting in buildings,” says Thomas Mahler, Managing Director of the Genius Group.

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