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Tire Science, Research, Materials and Formulations

Tire Technology Virtual Live Conference - Week 1

Two weeks of technical presentations and discussions covering the future of tire design and manufacturing.

Sustainability becomes more and more important. In a speaker´s session, Zeppelin Plant Engineering is taking the chance to address its vision and the current trends:

Sustainability and recycling in the tire industry

Calling on its strength and experience in process and plant engineering, Zeppelin offers customers innovative bespoke solutions for the recycling of used tires. Zeppelin continuously strives for process reliability and consistent high quality final products, - decisive contributary factors towards providing long term profitability and sustainability for its customers. Through partnering with a renowned institute, Zeppelin develop and evolve cutting edge solutions by implementing creative and economical processes to recover and recycle valuable steel, oil and gas and to regenerate premium grade carbon black. These highly sustainable  ‘self-powering’ plants help towards reducing the used tire mountains and a more sustainable future.


Guido Veit, Vice President Sales Projects

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